Prestige Integrated AE

One of the most important needs of an area is neatness. Particularly in the working environment where hygiene and cleaning requirements are even higher. Prestige Facility Services, with years of experience in cleaning services and through collaboration with the largest manufacturers of cleaning materials (Lever, Taski, Johnson, Buzil), can guarantee the perfect outcome and combination of suitable materials, especially for your area. We choose the cleaning materials for your workplace carefully, increasing efficiency in the quality of cleaning while protecting your equipment and your workplace setting as a goal best possible result.


Prestige Facility Services covers all your business needs through a wide range of services:

Specialized Services


By the term disinfection we mean fighting germs (viruses, bacteria, mites) using a germicidal disinfectant approved by the EMEA.

The disinfections are performed in hospitals, schools, tools, foodservice, and private spaces for reducing the microbial load.

Often follows after rodent or insect eradication in one area there was an increased problem of parasites.

Window cleaning with special Lifting Equipment

By using special lifting equipment, Prestige Facility Services provides excellent results in cleaning windows and all that is located outdoors. In this way, we can access even the most high points in order clean everything effectively.

Floor scrubbing and sealing

On wooden floors, polish is spread in successive layers, then, using a rotary machine, we achieve a deep polish and renew of the surface. Similarly, we carry out the scrubbing and sealing of plastic flooring that are made of PVC, Linoleum and other synthetic materials.

Crystallization of marble floors

Using a special machine with rotary wire disc (pad) and the special liquid of crystallization, we remove glare giving a shiny appearance to marble floors.

20 years of experience

Technological equipment

  • Big Machine
  • Suction machine
  • Washing machine
  • Floor wash machine
  • Spray Extraction Machine
  • Maid’s Set
  • Twin Mop Set

Prestige Facility Services has premium technological equipment any time, such as:

  • Washing and drying floor machines.
  • Rotary Floor Washing Machines.
  • Rotary Floor Scrubber Machines.
  • Carpet cleaning rotary machines.
  • Foam Production Machines.
  •  Injection-extraction Machines.
  • Liquid Suction Machines.
  • Sweepers (manual & diesel) for Exterior Cleaning.
  • Exterior Cleaning.
  • Pressing machines.
  •  Vacuum Cleaners